Some of Jack's Kids



Jack has consistently produced his fabulous, congenial temperament, his gorgeous headpiece and expression, strong topline, high intelligence and trainability.  His puppies are making wonderful calm family companions and doing very well as hunting companions and in hunt competitions.  Some have also done quite well in the show ring.  Some have gone on to make wonderful therapy and service dogs as well, and we have donated Jack's semen for producing litters for service dog organizations.  A puppy from Morgan's 2011 litter with Jack went to a woman who does search and rescue in Virginia; "Romeo" has been impressing the SAR training group since he started at 5 month, and became a certified SAR dog in December 2013, at 26 months of age.  True dual-purpose Labradors!  Good boy, Jack!

Click here to see an article on one of Jack's kids who is a diabetic alert dog for Teresa Munson in MN.  



"Romeo" and Helene after passing the final certification test for search and rescue on December 22, 2013.

It was a 5 hour test on 160 acres, in downpour rains part of the time.  But Romeo found his two subjects in just over 2 hours!

I'm SO proud of Romeo and his owner/trainer/handler Helene Jordan!




This is "Buddy" at 11 weeks (left) and swimming in the pool at about 1 year (right).

  I'm so happy to have a Jack son for myself!  He is out of Morgan, born Oct. 13, 2011

(Click on Buddy's puppy picture to go to his page.  He has sired some nice puppies, several going into training for service dogs.) 



Morgan & Jack puppies

(left) Romeo, going on to be a search and rescue dog

(right) Isla, going on to be a conformation show dog 



William hunting with Mary & Mike Hedrick in 2009 - headshot on right at 11 months

(Jack x Valerie litter)



Bogey Boston @ 4 months (Jack x Summer litter)


Lego Olson @ 2 years (Jack x Mable litter) ... a fabulous hunter!


Hunter Redtke - hunting @ 9 weeks (Jack x Summer litter)


Maggie Cobb - WB @ 6 months (Jack x Summer litter)



Jake Thiermann - RWD at 9 months (also took at BOB @ 1 year) (Jack x Summer litter)

On right, Jake is 1 year, stretched out like Jack always does! 



Doc Carmona (Jack x Mable litter)

Winning the Northern California Pheasant Championship @ 2 years of age

At right, is a good hunting day ... Doc is the Lab on the left 



Kit Perkins (Jack x Mable litter) - 8 weeks & 6 months



Lego Olson (Jack x Mable litter) - 11 weeks



Mak Walters (Jack x Mable litter) - 1 year



Kaya Porett  (Jack x Chase litter) 



Deacon Anderson (Jack x Mable litter) - 7 months


Cooper McGuire @ 6 months (Jack x Summer litter)



"Jack" Huck (Jack & Chase litter)

"Jack" Huck (Jack & Chase litter)



When bred to Rosanna, Jack produced some beautiful puppies with the "black & tan" markings.

Although not "correct" by the AKC standard, people loved it.

The puppy on the left is from a 2011 breeding done by Pam Hand; the one on the right, from my 2009 litter.

Apparently both parents carried the hidden gene for this, possibly coming from the famous Franklin's Golden Mandigo,

who was known to produce the black and tan;  both Rosanna & Jack go back to him about 6 generations back. 




Jack & Emma puppy

Jack & Emma puppy @ 6.5 weeks